Adding connections


So, you’ve built your LinkedIn profile. Your next step? Linking up with co-workers, friends and even family members. Watch this awesome video that shows you how to find contacts and add them to your LinkedIn network.

Adding connections

So, you’ve built your profile, pumped up your skills and made yourself look good. Your next step? Linking up with co-workers, friends and family members. 

The video above will tell you how to add contacts to your network. Here's a mini-walkthrough: 

Step 1: Import your contacts. Use the drop down menu under “Connections” to click on the “Add Connections” option.  Add your email address. LinkedIn will look through your email contacts and give you a list of contacts who use the service. Checked boxes = contacts you want to add.

Young woman drawing in air making connections with peopleStep 2: Click on “Add Connections”. Anyone you’ve chosen will get a simple default message from you, saying “I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.” You can also send a personalized message. 

Step 3: Use the search feature. Know someone’s name, but need to look them up on LinkedIn? Use the search box on top to find them.   

Step 4.  Add second-tier connections. Use the “People You May Know” feature on the right and add friends of friends and other co-workers.

With LinkedIn, bigger is better, but the quality of your contact list truly matters. Here’s how to communicate with contacts