Attending job fairs

Be Ready

Determined to cover all avenues of your job hunt? Job fairs are the way to do it. In this section, learn how to prep for a job fair, from what to bring, to how to dress.

Attending job fairs

Job fairs, also known as career fairs, are just like buffets. They have everything you need for a job hunt, in a single, convenient location.

Most job fairs feature dozens of company booths and take place over one or two days. So, get to a job fair early, wear (stylish) comfortable shoes, and spend at least a few hours hitting as many booths possible.   Group of young adults in various occupations

Here are essential tips for tackling local job fairs: 

Get in line early
In a rough economy, many job fairs have long lines of people waiting to get in. 

Dress like you’re going on an interview
If you dress like a professional, you’ll have a considerable advantage over others. 

Prepare to answer questions on the spot
Most employers at job fairs do mini-interviews. Be prepared to answer questions. 

Visit every single booth
Not interested in working in insurance or banking? Visit those booths anyway. 

Bring plenty of resumes
Print out multiple resumes for each booth. You might have to meet with multiple people. 

Practice your pitch
Job fairs are the perfect place for self-promotion. Learn how to "pitch" yourself in two sentences.

Collect lots of business cards Young woman receiving business card from man in business suit

Ask for business cards from everyone you speak with. Take the cards home and organize them.

Follow up with the people you spoke with

Now that you have a stack of business cards, email the people you spoke with two weeks later to check up on possible job opportunities. 

What takes more time? Applying for dozens of jobs online, or meeting with dozens of companies at a job fair? For a few hours of hustle, get the job you’re looking for.