Be a Pro

You're hired!

At this point, you've been with the company for a while. You do your job well. So, what now? Try to become a manager. Here's how.

Be a Pro

You've been with the company for a while. You know how things work. You do your job well, and know how to help your co-workers succeed.

So, what now? Set your sights on becoming a manager. Here's how you do that:Smiling young African American woman with her team behind her

  • Take the initiative on tasks. Demonstrate that you know how to manage people, motivate them, and delegate tasks.
  • Manage your team. Give clear instructions and confirmation when tasks are complete. 
  • Give constructive criticism. Treat each mistake as a chance to learn something new. 
  • Stay ultra-professional. Want to be a manager? Play the part. Don't gossip. Stay professional at all times. 
  • Keep up with the news. What's going on in your industry? Stay up-to-date on industry news. 

The key to good management is not being liked, it's being respected. You can be nice, just make sure you're as fair and as consistent as possible.

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