Building your Resume

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What's a piece of paper that's supposed to summarize your skills AND sell you like a ham steak to an employer? A resume. In this section, we'll show you how to make a great one!

Building your Resume

So, what's a piece of paper that's supposed to summarize your skills and sell you like a ham steak to an employer? A resume. A great resume is like a weapon, and you're going to use it like a sword to cut through the clutter of other applicants. Here are a few ways to sharpen the edge:

  • Young womans hands typing on a laptopKeep it simple. Resumes are better when they're straightforward and simple to read. 
  • Use action verbs. These will make your resume more exciting without making it more complicated. Did you learn how to change a transmission? No, you MASTERED the skills for changing transmissions.
  • Triple-check everything. Employers sometimes get dozens of resumes for each job opening. The first ones thrown out are the ones with bad grammar, punctuation, or spelling mistakes.
  • Never misrepresent yourself. Keep it accurate, but don't be afraid to take credit for your accomplishments.
  • List your strongest traits first. A resume isn't the place for a slow buildup with a big finish. Don't hide the ball. 
  • Portray yourself in the best light. Do you have a bad mark on your record that can't be avoided? Explain how you rose above it, and portray it as a learning experience.

Comic Strip of woman interviewer remarking on the amount of jobs applicant had

Don't be afraid to tailor your resume to different kinds of jobs and employers. Think about how you might make changes to target what each employer is specifically looking for, so that your resume helps portray you as a perfect fit. Check out this site for 44 Resume Writing Tips.

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