Donating to YWF

Want to Donate to YWF?

The Youth Working Forward (YWF) website is a service provided by Partnerships for a Skilled Workforce, Inc. At YWF, we teach young people all aspects of finding a job, keeping a job, and working toward building a career.

Donating to YWF

What is Youth Working Forward? YWF is an organization that helps teens and young people find jobs and build careers. However, even as a statewide organization with career counselors in dozens of employment-challenged areas, we do much more than help young people land steady work. 

Many hands clasping in sign of unityThis website is just one piece of what we do. Through PSW Youth Careers, an initiativeRegional Map for the organization of Partnerships for a Skilled Workforce, Inc. we also offer significant educational opportunities, are deeply involved with the local community, and work with employers so our young people can gain confidence and maximize their opportunities.

Unfortunately, we are only able to staff offices in a limited number of communities, so Youth Working Forward is our way of reaching a greater number of teens and young adults who live outside the area covered by our brick and mortar offices.


Although we receive state funding, we also subsist on private donations. If you’re interested in finding out more about YWF with the ultimate goal of donating funds, please contact Kelley French, Director, at 508-281-6910, ext. 4.

To donate funds online, use Paypal.

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