Dressing for Success

Interview Skills

Everybody always wants to look their best, right? The right kicks, the right jacket, whatever you think makes you look good. Need more info on how to look fantastic and professional at your interview? This section has it.

Dressing for Success

Everybody always wants to look their best, right?Young smiling African American woman in business suit with thumbs up The right kicks, the right jacket, whatever you think makes you look good. Well, set all that aside. That isn't what we're talking about here. We're talking about picking the right attitude.

You can dress for success, but so can everybody else. What you want to do is present yourself with poise, professionalism, and above all, confidence. Remember, a potential employer wants to know whether you can do the job.

  • Be relaxed. Yes, it's a job interview, it's supposed to make you tense. But here's a secret: The employer already knows you're qualified. So, relax, be friendly, and make a friend.
  • Young man with positive attitude adjusting tieWear the right clothes. You'll want to wear clothes that are simple and straightforward. A white dinner jacket may express your singular personality, but the employer is simply going to be wondering why you're wearing it.
  • Wear one unique item. There's no reason to dress goofy or flashy for your interview, but you should wear one article of clothing that is tastefully distinct, such as a memorable scarf or necktie. 
  • For women, use makeup that is pleasant, attractive and subdued. You're not at a beauty contest, and the more they're distracted by your design-painted nails, the less they're paying attention to your qualifications.  
  • Go big on hygiene. Get a haircut, even if it's just a trim. Clean your fingernails. Do we need to remind people to shower and shave beforehand? OK,we just did. 

After your interview, you'll want the person you spoke with to remember you for all the right reasons. Take a look at the videos here, and as well, for a few more tips, check out What Not To Wear.  Bottom line, look clean, professional and well-dressed to make a memorable and lasting first impression. 


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