Following up

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Imagine having the best interview ever. Everything goes great. But one week later, you haven’t heard back. Do you still have a chance? In this section, you'll learn the art of following up. 

Following up

Imagine having the best interview ever. Everything goes great. You get there early, answer every question like a boss, and you even bond with your interviewer. You walk outside, smile to yourself and think, yeah, I’ve got this, this job is mine!

One week later, you haven’t heard back. Suddenly you’re second-guessing everything you felt on the day of the interview, and then some.

Welcome to the world of finding a job, where sometimes even the most perfect interview doesn’t guarantee employment. To keep yourself in the running, here’s how to stay in touch with your interviewer: 

Follow up the right wayYoung Business Man writing the words Follow Up in the air
Some interviewers like follow-up phone calls, others like email. If you’re not sure how to follow up, ask that question at the end of the interview.

Send a thank you email
Right after your interview, send a thank-you email to the person you spoke with. This will keep you on their mind, even when they’re interviewing other applicants. 

Ask if the position has been filled
After an amazing interview, the waiting probably feels like agony. Instead of jumping the gun, give yourself three or four days before you follow up on whether the job has been filled. Not comfortable doing this? Ask when candidates can expect to hear if the job is filled.  

Keep emails short and to the point
When you send a follow-up email, don’t beat around the bush. After a professional intro sentence, thanking the interviewer for spending time with you, politely ask if the position is filled yet and if there’s anything else you can provide. Here are a few additional great tips on how to follow up after a job interview.

Know when you’re out of the running
Many interviewers are uncomfortable telling applicants that they’re not getting the job. If your interviewer is fumbling and won’t give you a definite answer, it’s probably time to move on.   

If you want to increase your chances of getting a job, follow up. It won’t guarantee that you get the job, but it will definitely put the odds in your favor. 

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