Looking to Hire?

When you hire teens and youth members of YWF, you're essentially giving work to an employee who knows everything from how to dress to how to act professional in the workplace. 

If you're looking to fill positions but you're tired of getting flakey, unprepared applicants, Youth Working Forward (YWF) delivers a whole new talent pool filled with eager, professional employees. As an organization, we serve almost every pocket of Massachusetts where jobs for youth are scarce, and we're proud to train the young people of today to succeed in the workplace.

In this video, Kelley French, Director of PSW Youth Careers, the parent organization for YWF, explains more on the hurdles and triumphs of young people in the program.


For Federico, summer was approaching fast. He needed a job, but he had no idea what he would be good at. After speaking with a PSW Youth Careers counselor, he got his answer: He would be a fantastic worker for the local senior center. This is his story..

When Alejandro was just a teen, he found himself in an extremely rough situation. His parents had split and he was living with his grandparents, but he wasn’t making enough to help cover his grandparent’s expenses. Here's his story...

Do you have open positions, lots of applicants, but no one that fits the bill? It's time to look to Youth Working Forward (YWF), a Massachusetts organization that not only helps teens and youth in low-income areas find jobs, but trains them how to succeed.