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From to TweetMyJobs, the web is a job-finder's paradise. Here are our fave sites for hunting down work.

Online job searches

You've probably heard of the following sites:,, and If you haven't explored them for opportunities, now's the time to do so.

They could make a huge difference in how you get aYoung white male in Tee Shirt working at his laptop job.

The biggest advantage of these sites is you can look for jobs from your phone, computer or other internet-connected device. You can set up alerts for jobs in your area, post a resume, or even explore entire lists of jobs open at specific companies.

Although we can't list all the great online job sites out there, here's a breakdown of our top seven:

  • One of the best job search engines out there. Just plug in name or keywords for the job you want and the city where you want to work, and BOOM. Hundreds (sometimes thousands) of listings. Phone friendly to the max. 
  • Monster has been around for more than a dozen years, mainly because it lists out great jobs from large companies. Use Monster to set up job alerts, post your resume, and more.
  • While craigslist is local to the max, it's a mixed bag. You'll find some great opportunities here, but lots of lousy ones, from unpaid internships with very long hours to jobs strictly based on commission. Check Craigslist every day for opps, but expect to weed through the junk to find the gems.
  • A great way to find jobs on a site you probably already love: Twitter. Sign up, set up your search settings and receive Tweets featuring the jobs you're looking for. TweetMyJobs is integrated with Facebook, which adds another social dimension to your job search (see our page on cleaning up your social accounts before you use this service).
  • Snagajob (teens section). This job search engine features work in retail, restaurants, and hotels and hospitality. If you're young and looking for a job that fits your age, education level and experience, the employment for teens section is a great resource. Visit for more.
  • Job Quest This site helps you explore jobs in the state of Massachusetts. It's a great resource to help connect you with a job in your local area. You'll discover jobs within state agencies, at community colleges and universities, and in many different fields of industry.
  •  This website specializes in online applications. Their database includes retail stores, banks, restaurants, supermarkets and more, making it a one-stop-shop for job seekers. Click on a field that interests you, and you'll get employer options with company background, the kinds of jobs you can expect, and links to online applications.

There are hundreds of job search engines on the web, but these are seven of our faves. If you want to explore more, Google "job search websites" and try a few others.   

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