Personality Screening

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Unlike a math or English quiz, personality screening measures your character. If you want a job, you're probably going to take a personality screening. Do you have what it takes to pass? Find out here.


Personality Screening

Unlike math or English quizzes, personality screeningSign that reads Who Are You measures your character. With questions on everything from theft to pushy customers, these evaluations were designed to weed out anyone not right for the job.

 Personality evaluations, which can last minutes or hours, are created to get answers to the following types of questions:

Young woman who is unsure and wondering

  • Would you report a crime in progress?
  • Do you do recreational drugs?
  • Will you show up to work on time?
  • Will you work hard and go above and beyond what’s asked of you?
  • Will you frequently call in sick? 
  • Can you be trusted with money, merchandise or customer data?
  • Will you keep your cool around angry customers?
  • Have you committed any felonies or misdemeanors?
  • Did you finish high school or college?
  • Are you generally a responsible person?

Instead of asking if you’d call in sick, pre-employment evaluations use real-life scenarios to get honest answers. Come across a question about drinking and hangovers? That's to see if you'd stay home the next day or go into work. Great information and a few sample questions can be found on this site entitled How To Pass A Pre-Employment Personality Test.