Researching Potential Careers

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Want to be a nurse, electrician or dental hygienist? You'll probably need to learn math, science or both. Find a career that works for you here.


Researching Potential Careers

Here are some harsh truths about certain careers. Do you want to become an electrician? Learn math.  Work as a paramedic? Bone up on Biology.  Train Killer Whales? Become a better communicator. 

From dream jobs to practical careers, expect to study up on subjects you may not have experience in. Does being a Dental Hygienist require a degree in advanced math? No, but you will have to dabble in chemistry.

So, how do you find the career that fits you best? Here are some tips:

Four Young Adults in Uniforms of Various Occupations

  • Use search engines. Start by typing in the name of the job you want and the words "education requirements". You'll get a list of great sites that will tell you exactly what you need to succeed.
  • Take job compatibility tests. You're a nurturing person who loves caring for the sick, but do you faint at the sight of blood? Find job compatibility assessments online at MyCareerQuizzes, Mass CIS Assessments and MassCIS Career Information System (log in as a Mass resident) and test out your temperament.
  • Ask around. Is your cousin's best friend a paramedic? Your best friend's cousin a nurse? Set up a phone call and ask every question you can think of. 
  • Check government statistics. Is the job you want going to be around in a few years? Be practical and use stats to make your decision. Here's a great resource:  Bureau Of Labor Statistics.

Learning a trade, getting a degree or even doing an apprenticeship is an investment in time and brain power. Use these techniques to educate yourself before you make a commitment.