Social Media and You

Job Search

Social media is fun, but would you want a potential employer to see your posts? In this section, learn how to clean up your social media.

Social Media and You

You tweet like a fiend. You Instagram on the regular. You Tumble, dabble in Facebook, and use Pinterest. If your potential boss wants to find your social activity, all it takes is a few quick searches.

Welcome to the world of social media and employment. If you want that job, you'll need to keep your social media accounts private (or create new ones just for your job search).

In other words, it's time to wipe up those social fingerprints. Here's how:

Social Media graphic with shapes drawn and words such as friends, like and network

  • Make your social accounts private. Anything questionable in your social accounts? Set everything to private or “friends only”. 
  • Clean up your friends list. Block or hide anyone promoting illegal substances, adult entertainment, or other sleazy behaviors.
  • Search for mentions. Do a Google search of your name and social handles. If anything comes up, Try to get it deleted.
  • Delete images and image tags. So, you drank too much, jumped in a shopping cart, and had your friends push you through Walmart. Find that photo and remove any identifying tags.
  • Go nuclear (if you must). Too much controversial stuff? Delete your social accounts altogether. Here’s how: Delete Yourself From the Internet

You can never be too paranoid about your social media, so sanitize your social activity before you send in that resume! Here are 10 tips to help you clean up your social media.

Check out our page Find The Right Job Do's and Don'ts for a few final tips and you'll be on your way!