Success Story: Senior Social

Looking to Hire?

For Federico, summer was approaching fast. He needed a job, but he had no idea what he would be good at. After speaking with a PSW Youth Careers counselor, he got his answer: He would be a fantastic worker for the local senior center. This is his story..

Success Story: Senior Social

When summer arrived, Federico had lots of time on his hands. What he didn't have was a job. A PSW Youth Careers counselor came to the rescue and Federico not only landed a great job, he experienced the pride and joy of making a difference in the lives of others. 

“Though I began with clerical tasks, I offered to help in other areas and ended up doing some projects that were totally new to me,” he says. “The stairs at the senior center needed to be painted bright yellow to keep visitors from tripping. I’ve never been a real handyman, so it was a fun experience for me.”

At some point, Federico mentioned that he sang in a church choir. His supervisor was delighted, and soon asked him to lead some sing-a-longs. Federico ended up doing much more than that, including planning a “Christmas in July” holiday-themed party, and surprising the seniors with it.

“Working at the senior center was a blast! It was a summer I will never forget. I began the job knowing that I wanted to work somewhere where I could make a difference in people’s lives,” he says. “I think I did.”

When his time there enTwo fingers of each of five hands that form a star with sky in background.ded, his career specialist found him a position at a local child care facility where he could once again make a difference. This time, however, he was on the opposite end of the spectrum, as he would end up helping children, not seniors.

“My summer experience helped me formulate a plan for my future,” he says. “I’ve decided to pursue an education in public service, so I can continue helping others and give back to the community.”


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