What's Inside a Cover Letter?

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A cover letter should have three main components: an intro paragraph, middle copy, and a closing.  We'll go over the details of cover letters in this quick, easy section.

What's Inside a Cover Letter?

A cover letter should have three main components: an intro paragraph, middle copy, and a closing. Between those three sections, you’ll “make the case” that you’re the perfect person for the job, period. 

So, let’s go over the sections in more detail, shall we?

Section 1: The intro
In this opening paragraph, you’re going to do two things. First, in one sentence, you’re going to tell the interviewer how you found out about the job. In the second sentence, give a very brief rundown of your skillset and experience, how it relates to the job, and why you’re the right fit for the position.

Red circle with thumbs up that says Best ChoiceSection 2: The middle copy
In this section, you’re going to shed the stiff language of your resume and get a bit more personal. The purpose of this paragraph is to describe how your background and skills have prepared you for this position. Don't be afraid to pat yourself on the back and focus on a major accomplishment. Use this section to talk about how you’re a workhorse with a heart of gold, a wildly creative thinker, and a resourceful, ninja-level problem solver. Try and highlight the traits the employer is seeking. Close all this off with a sentence telling your potential boss that yes, you’re the best choice for the job. 

Section 3: The closing
This is the part where you say goodbye. Come right out and state that you would like an interview to discuss the position. Make sure you add the best ways to contact you (a phone number and email address are best), thank the interviewer for their time and consideration, and add that you’re looking forward to hearing from whoever receives the letter. Gold-lettered plaque that says Sell Yourself

A great cover letter (if you are required to send one) is a well-rounded piece of writing that “sells” you as a potential employee.  Make your cover letter confident, gracious and interesting and you’ll soar past the competition.