What's Inside a Resume?

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What’s a single snapshot of all you’ve accomplished professionally, academically, and even personally? A resume. In this section, learn what's inside the average resume.

What's Inside a Resume?

What’s a single snapshot of all you’ve accomplished professionally and academically? A resume.

If you’ve never built a resume, it's easy to feel intimidated. Here’s a list of all the elements you’ll need in that sheet of paper (or email):

Contact info. This should include the basics: Your name, address and phone number, and social media accounts. Visit our Social Media and You page for help.  

Your goals. Why do you want this particular job? Add goals to boost your interview chances. 

Education. Have you finished high school? Gotten your G.E.D? Are you taking community college classes part-time? List that info.Graphic of Resume with drawings of Awards, Grad Cap, Briefcase

Experience. Have you ever had a job? If not, have you taken care of a family member, volunteered at your local nonprofit or had an internship? Add that to your resume.

Accomplishments. If you’ve won awards for academics, sports, music or even volunteering -- even small ones -- put 'em in. 

Now check out our section, Building Your Resume, for great tips on how to make your resume stand out.