What's a resume?

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A resume is a fact-sheet listing everything from your work history to school achievements. The topic? You. Here's our rundown on resumes.

What's a resume?

Before you sit down for a job interview, fill out an application, or even talk to a potential employer, you’re going to need a resume. Think of a resume as a fact-sheet, listing everything from work history to school achievements. The topic? You.

Since your resume is a first introduction to a potential employer, it should be flawless. So, what questions do resumes often answer?

Young Man Handing Resume to Woman Interviewer

  • Do you have special skills?
  • Have you worked before?
  • Can you hold down a job long term?
  • Have you won awards?
  • Are you a good student?
  • Are you careless?
  • Are you responsible? 

Your resume isn’t going to answer every question about who you really are, but a good resume, however, can easily land you an interview and give employers a glimpse of what you’re made of. 

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