YWF Success Story: Helping out the Family

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When Alejandro was just a teen, he found himself in an extremely rough situation. His parents had split and he was living with his grandparents, but he wasn’t making enough to help cover his grandparent’s expenses. Here's his story...

YWF Success Story: Helping out the Family

Being a typical teenager is tough, but imagine if your family depended on you to bring in money. For Alejandro, this was reality. 

“I stayed with my grandparents, but I didn’t make enough money at my entry-level job to pay the bills. The stress led me to drugs, and I’ve been in and out of rehabilitation programs more than once” he says. 

So, what helped Alejandro improve his life? PSW Youth Careers.

He started by taking an online curriculum program, and approached a high school career specialist for help. 

Unkept young man looking into mirror seeing his professional reflection.“I told her I was in dire need of a job. She helped me write a resume, cover letter and reference sheet, and she spent time with me practicing answers to interview questions.”

After getting his life back on track, Alejandro interviewed for a job with AXLE Brand Promotions, a marketing and events organization. With the job, he no longer faces such tough circumstances. 

“With this job I can finally help my grandparents. Last winter I purchased pellet fuel to heat the house, and I paid for groceries and other things,” he says. “For the first time in my life I am feeling successful.”