Want to Donate to YWF?

Donating to PSW and PSW Youth Careers, two parent programs of YWF, means more than helping out teens and youth, it's giving them a real shot at the future, where they can succeed at not just keeping jobs, but becoming managers and leaders.

Want to support YWF? Start by donating to YWF's two parent organizations, Partnerships for a Skilled Workforce (PSW) and PSW Youth Careers. When you donate to PSW Youth Careers and PSW, where does the money go?  In this video, Kelley French, Director of PSW Youth Careers, explains what the organizations do to help employment-challenged youth in the MetroWest/South Boston region of Massachusetts.

Enjoy the video, and be sure to visit our page with more details on donating to YWF. 

For Federico, summer was approaching fast. He needed a job, but he had no idea what he would be good at. After speaking with a PSW Youth Careers counselor, he got his answer: He would be a fantastic worker for the local senior center. This is his story..

When Alejandro was just a teen, he found himself in an extremely rough situation. His parents had split and he was living with his grandparents, but he wasn’t making enough to help cover his grandparent’s expenses. Here's his story...

The Youth Working Forward (YWF) website is a service provided by Partnerships for a Skilled Workforce, Inc. At YWF, we teach young people all aspects of finding a job, keeping a job, and working toward building a career.