Job Search

Now that you're prepared to get a job, it's time to go find some opportunities!

Are you looking through job listings and feel like you're just wandering in the desert? You need to set goals, and deadlines, and start figuring out where you want to go. In this section, you'll learn to find the right job for you.

Want to be a nurse, electrician or dental hygienist? You'll probably need to learn math, science or both. Find a career that works for you here.


We’ve covered job fairs, online job searches and LinkedIn, but we haven’t told you about one of the most common, powerful ways to find a job: Word of mouth.

From to TweetMyJobs, the web is a job-finder's paradise. Here are our fave sites for hunting down work.

Social media is fun, but would you want a potential employer to see your posts? In this section, learn how to clean up your social media.

You want a paying job where you can use your skills. Are you thinking long-term or short-term? Should you only choose a job because it fits with your personality? In this section, assess your knowledge on finding the right job with these do's and don'ts.